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by Emily July 8, 2013

It never ceases to amaze me the things that can come from people who share a common bond. During this trip we have received so much help and support from a myriad of people who share my passion for parrots. Not only have bird people cheered for us from the sidelines, they’ve filled our gas tank, treated us to lunch, given us a place to stay and a bed to sleep in. More then that, they have given us goodwill […]

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by Emily June 6, 2013

Our trip has started! Ok, well technically it started 4 days ago, but the hotel we checked into had their internet go down and unfortunately we were relying on my iPhone for connectivity, which means I couldn’t blog about our experiences. So, let me catch you all up to speed!

Day 1 – drive 9 hours to Chicago. Check into a hotel. Sleep. Make ramen using a coffee maker.

Day 2 – explore Chicago. Take some of our hard earned personal savings […]

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