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by Emily December 8, 2013

If you are like me this holiday season, you do a lot of shopping online. I love using amazon.com to buy my gifts because I can shop around for the lowest price and take advantage of Amazon Prime’s 2 day shipping. If free two day shipping isn’t reason enough to do your shopping online, what about a free charitable donation to sweeten the pot? Amazon Smile – smile.amazon.com is a part of Amazon.com that donates a portion of your entire […]

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by Emily September 1, 2013

944623_528041890594866_368229719_nWhen we tour facilities and gather data, I am able to get a lot of fascinating information from the facility owner that may not make it into the database, simply because of the nature of the data we are collecting. I want to allow readers and fans to follow our experience and get some […]

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