Store: Magnolia Bird Farm
Location: 12200 Magnolia Avenue,Riverside, California 92503
Phone: 951-278-0878



1. Does the store sell birds? Yes IMG_0185

2. Does the store have a quarantine area? Yes

3. Does the store sell unweaned babies? No – this is also illegal under California State Law

4. Does the store breed their own birds, or do they purchase babies from outside sources? Breeds their own, purchases from local breeders, and also purchases from distributors (also known as bird brokers)

5. Does the store board birds? Yes

6. If yes, are the boarded birds kept separately from birds in the shop? Yes

7. What are the requirements for boarding? None – only a visual inspection is done at the register

8. If the store does grooming or training, are the birds in a separate area than any in the store or boarded birds? No

9. Are customers allowed to interact with birds in the store? *No

10. Is food sold in bulk? Yes IMG_0188

11. Does the facility work with or support a rescue in any way? *No

12. Are potential owners given access to educational material before the purchase of a bird? Yes

13. Are staff members trained to assist with issues such as behavior, diet and caging questions that clients may bring up? Yes

14. Does the store staff take part in continuing education? *No

15. Does the staff readily answer customer questions? No

16. Does the store do pre purchase screening prior to selling a bird to an individual? No – no set screening, but also reserves the right to refuse sale.

17. Does the store sell ‘custom blended’ mixes? Yes – custom blend seed mixes

18. Is the store well lit? Moderately

19. How often do cages get cleaned? 1 x daily IMG_0201

20. Is there a safe area where birds are allowed out of their cages in the store? *No

21. What brands of food are sold? (Foods listed were foods available on store shelves at the time of the visit)

22. What services does the store offer?


Notes: IMG_0204

#9 – All birds out for customer display are under protective wire cages due to theft.

#11 – The respondent informed me that the store also is a rescue. When I inquired about nonprofit status or any other verifiable rescue status, I was informed there are none. The respondent informed me that the store will ‘buy’ birds from individuals and/or ‘local rescues’ and then rehome the bird(s) as necessary. I was told they prefer to pay for the birds so that they have the freedom to do with them what they feel is best.

#14 – When asked this question, the respondent said that some of the staff were certified handfeeders, via the PIJAC. However I did not find out if any of the staff takes part in regular continuing education, ie seminars or the like.