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The Roaming Parrot » The Roaming Parrot in Pet Gazette

The Roaming Parrot in Pet Gazette

by Emily June 17, 2013

Jun-13-Cover-ThumbI write for a local publication in Asheville, North Carolina called The Pet Gazette. This free magazine is for pet owners in Western North Carolina, and encompasses all pets from dogs to cats, reptiles to birds, and everything in between. I was pleased to see they were willing to publish an article on The Roaming Parrot Project. Here is an excerpt of the article.

‘If you are a bird owner, you may be aware of the plight of pet parrots here in the United States. Birds are the third most common pet in the American household. As a result, avian rescues are springing up all over the country, struggling to keep up with the influx of birds and educate the general public on parrots as pets. With so many new rescues, it can be hard for the general public to not only be aware of the many options, but also find a rescue nearby. People looking to relinquish a bird may not know where to go, and people looking to adopt a bird may not be aware of a rescue in their backyard. (Phoenix Landing is a large avian rescue based right here in Asheville North Carolina, for example. Their website is www.phoenixlanding.org). In an effort to bring recognition to rescues nationally, and help rescues network with each other and the public at large, The Roaming Parrot was born.”

You can read the whole article here: http://www.petgazetteasheville.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Pet-Jun-13-Small.pdf

Or, if you don’t want to download the pdf, read the online version here: http://www.petgazetteasheville.com/2013/06/10/roaming-parrot-reports-on-rescues/?doing_wp_cron=1371271889.5009310245513916015625

Thanks to Pet Gazette for your support of this project!




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