Store:      Our Feathered Friends
Location: 4420 Rainier Ave  San Diego, CA 92120
Phone:    (619) 280-5134



1. Does the store sell birds? Yes IMG_0148

2. Does the store have a quarantine area? Yes

3. Does the store sell unweaned babies? No – this is also illegal under California State Law

4. Does the store breed their own birds, or do they purchase babies from outside sources? Breeds their own, and purchases from local breeders

5. Does the store board birds? Yes

6. If yes, are the boarded birds kept separately from birds in the shop? Yes

7. What are the requirements for boarding? *N/a

8. If the store does grooming or training, are the birds in a separate area than any in the store or boarded birds? *No

9. Are customers allowed to interact with birds in the store? No

10. Is food sold in bulk? Yes

11. Does the facility work with or support a rescue in any way? Yes – the store supports San Diego Bird Rescue IMG_0150

12. Are potential owners given access to educational material before the purchase of a bird? Yes

13. Are staff members trained to assist with issues such as behavior, diet and caging questions that clients may bring up? Yes

14. Does the store staff take part in continuing education? No

15. Does the staff readily answer customer questions? *No

16. Does the store do pre purchase screening prior to selling a bird to an individual? No

17. Does the store sell ‘custom blended’ mixes? Yes – custom blend seed mixes

18. Is the store well lit? Yes

19. How often do cages get cleaned? 1 x daily – baby cages get cleaned 2 x daily

20. Is there a safe area where birds are allowed out of their cages in the store? Yes

21. What brands of food are sold? (Foods listed were foods available on store shelves at the time of the visit) IMG_0152

22. What services does the store offer?



#7 – When asked, the respondent skipped over this question and did not provide an answer IMG_0147

#8 – When asked, the respondent said ‘Yes’ and motioned to the grooming area. The way the store is set up, there is a fully enclosed room inside of the store that houses the birds for sale and birds being boarded. When you enter the room through sliding glass doors, the grooming station is immediately inside the doors on the right hand side. Since the grooming area is in the same enclosed room as boarders and birds for sale, I have marked the answer to this question as ‘No’ instead of the original answer given.

#15 – I spoke directly with the store owner for this short interview. During this time the owner was reluctant to answer questions, impatiently tapping their foot, and before I could finish inquiring as to what brands of food the store carries, said they had to go and walked off. The demeanor of the store owner was very standoffish and I was not comfortable approaching them or employees again with any questions.