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by Emily February 18, 2013

The lovely Patricia Sund of Parrot Nation has written about The Roaming Parrot trip in her blog. Find the article, titled a Blues Traveler Kind of Journey – here.


An excerpt:

[quote] The way I’m taking it, The Roaming Parrot Project is simply to develop a sort of Zagat Guide of sorts to the Avicultural world. From what I’ve been able to gather, the information compiled will be items such as, what kind of facility it is: store, adoption facility, or strictly a sanctuary. If it’s an adoption organization, is it brick and mortar? Do they take only one species of bird? What are their hours, contact information and do they allow volunteers?  Is it a 501c3 or privately funded? What are the adoption guidelines? What ideas can we take away from this particular facility? I think the guide will simply help people make decisions based on facts gathered about the facilities.
Let me put it this way: You learn a lot more by going to a place and actually seeing and experiencing it than just visiting a website. I felt my videos, photos and description of Best Friends for instance, gave you a fairly good feel about the place than just seeing their website did. For instance, you saw photos of Kelly Moore Parsley and Bonny Grafton cleaning and interacting with birds. You got to know the backside from the perspective of a volunteer.
It seems to me that the project is gathering data to help people locate and contact various outlets around the country and compiling them into an interesting and educational format. Information can be a wonderful thing. Especially if it’s good information. I’ll be following the Roaming Parrot to see the places I haven’t been to yet. I’m sure I’ll learn a few things. And to me, I think that’s the entire point.

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