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The Roaming Parrot » Blog
by Emily June 17, 2013

Jun-13-Cover-ThumbI write for a local publication in Asheville, North Carolina called The Pet Gazette. This free magazine is for pet owners in Western North Carolina, and encompasses all pets from dogs to cats, reptiles to birds, and everything in between. I was pleased to see they were willing to publish an article on The Roaming Parrot Project. Here is an […]

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by Emily June 9, 2013

Finally, we are in a place with consistent internet! I’m busy uploading all of the data so far and arranging it for viewing on the website. The first entry is for Windy City Parrot. Remember, we are visiting bird stores along the way as well and asking questions that people wanted answers to. We took the 21 most frequently requested questions from our facebook page and I compiled them into a questionnaire using my iPad. At each location visited I […]

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by Emily June 6, 2013

Our trip has started! Ok, well technically it started 4 days ago, but the hotel we checked into had their internet go down and unfortunately we were relying on my iPhone for connectivity, which means I couldn’t blog about our experiences. So, let me catch you all up to speed!

Day 1 – drive 9 hours to Chicago. Check into a hotel. Sleep. Make ramen using a coffee maker.

Day 2 – explore Chicago. Take some of our hard earned personal savings […]

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by Emily May 28, 2013

I believe that nothing is more important in the bird world then education, and networking. I commonly find bird owners in my area that are surprised to find others ‘like them’ locally. As a part of The Roaming Parrot networking efforts, we have created Bird Owner groups for each state. Below is a list of the groups, along with a link to the group. Please, add yourself to your state group. These groups are not meant to take the place […]

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by Emily May 16, 2013

Yesterday, I took a day trip to Durham, North Carolina to meet with Dr. Gregory Burkett, owner of The Birdie Boutique, a store and full veterinary service for birds. For those not familiar with Dr. Burkett, here is a small snippet about him from his professional website:

“Dr. Greg Burkett has extensive experience in all aspects of aviculture. He began breeding birds in 1979, starting with a few budgies and cockatiels at the hobby level. Over the next 20 years, Dr. […]

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by Emily March 21, 2013

B.D Butler of the awesome blog called Parrot Earth did a post about The Roaming Parrot in March. The article is titled ‘Not All Who Roam… Are Lost’. It was a very eloquently done piece, and we love hearing the positive feedback from our supporters.

I recently chatted with Emily Trimnal, the author of Emily‚Äôs Birds. I first have to say that I find her comical, determined and a very genuine person. She came up with the […]

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